A pleasant little
ride by the sea

I thought it would be fun to do a cycling tour of places I couldn't pronounce, taking in chunks of the Netherlands, Germany and Denmark, and very vaguely following the North Sea Cycling Route. A friend, Eric, somehow failed to spot that this was a patently absurd idea and decided to join me. The video gives a taster, and the daily blogs share the story and lots of photos.

Planning & Day 0
Day 1: Hook of Holland to Cruquius & Haarlem
Day 2: Haarlem to Schagen
Day 3: Schagen to Harlingen
Day 4: Harlingen to Kruisweg
Day 5: Kruisweg to Stapelmoor (Germany)
Day 6: Stapelmoor to Metjendorf
Day 7: Metjendorf to Bad Bederkesa
Day 8: Bad Bederkesa to Wilster
Day 9: Wilster to Büsum
Day 10: Büsum to Struckum
Day 11: Struckum to Rømø island (Denmark)
Day 12: Rømø to Esbjerg