I don't generally blog visits to European countries, but I have made a few exceptions. As Prague is a beautiful city, I decided to at least post a few photos.

The one thing I was really keen to see was the Dancing House, a deliciously whimsical piece of architecture:

And no, that's not distortion from a wide-angle lens, it really is that shape!

AI then wandered across St Stephen's Bridge. Legend has it that touching this plaque will grant you a wish. The otherwise grubby facade has been worn clean by all the people doing this:

The bridge and surrounding area is a kind of a mecca for artists, drawn to the area by the substantial tourist trade.

It's a pretty arty area in general:

The other place I wanted to visit was a tram ride away.

These sculptures, set into a hillside park:

Sadly Prague has since been pretty well established on the Brit stag weekend circuit. A return visit a couple of years later showed that you really don't want to be in the bars in the main tourist area in the evenings ...