Most of my business trips are multi-country ones, usually with very tight schedules and as little as 2-3 hours of free time per city. I was fortunate with this one, though, in managing a whole day free. This gave me time to wander round both old and new Delhi, plus a short break on another day to visit the Lotus Temple.

New Delhi is impressive. Squint slightly and you can imagine yourself back in the days of the Empire.

But it was Old Delhi I really wanted to see. I found everyone welcoming, and the universal language of holding up my camera with a smile then a questioning look got me a nod almost every time.

I wasn't expecting a visit to the Lotus Temple, so my camera was back at the hotel when an impromptu visit was suggested in a gap between meetings. My rather basic pocket camera had to suffice here.

Photos were not allowed inside, which was a shame in that it was visually very impressive, but entirely understandable given the atmosphere. I am not remotely religious, but I do appreciate calm, meditative spaces, and this one was very special. I wouldn't allow photography in there if it were mine.