This was a brief impromptu holiday to catch up with Patrick & Liz. Outside of the film, Casablanca is best known for the Hassan II mosque. This is the largest mosque in Morroco, with the world's tallest minaret (689 feet):

It's an impressive building.

It's one of only two mosques in the country open to non-Muslims, with regular hour-long tours. It's definitely worth seeing inside it.

I did of course do my usual back-street wandering.

Despite the range of goods on sale, not everyone was happy shopping:

You don't have to go far from the main roads to enter a very different world ...

You'll notice far fewer people photos than usual. I generally ask permission before taking someone's photos, and Casablanca was unusual in that most people said no. There were, though, a few who agreed.

There was one other place I had to visit, despite it being a (re)creation of an entirely fictional place. It was originally named Rick's Bar; I suspect they received a letter from some expensive lawyers ...

It was extremely well done (please excuse an iPhone shot):