completing a lap of the netherlands

After doing the North Sea route(ish) from Hook of Holland to Esbjerg last year, the obvious thing to do was to pick up where(ish) we crossed into Germany and complete a lap(ish) of the Netherlands.

You may have gathered from the parentheses that I am not entirely a purist in these matters. Eric agreed to join me again after checking that the Afsluitdijk was not involved.

Planning & Day 0
Day 1: Groningen to Elp
Day 2: Elp to Mariënberg
Day 3: Mariënberg to Enschede
Day 4: Enschede to Wert(h)
Day 5: Wert(h) to Elst
Day 6: Elst to Vento
Day 7: Vento to Weert
Day 8: Weert to Eindhoven
Day 9: Eindhoven to Tilburg
Day 10: Tilburg to Steenbergen

Day 11: Steenbergen to Brielle
Day 12: Brielle to Hook of Holland

You can also experience the entire ride in time-lapse form here. :-)