Quite what possessed me to tackle the South Downs again so soon after my last encounter with them on my London to Paris ride defeats me!

I've done the day version of this ride many times. However, the last time I did it the crowds were absolutely horrendous. Great atmosphere, sure, but it took two full hours to do the first 10 miles due to the crowding. So an overnight version, with presumably far fewer people, sounded like an excellent idea.

I decided to just do a video rather than a trip report this time. The camcorder is a VIO POV1.5 with the bulletcam mounted just behind my right shoulder (since replaced with a VIO POV HD):

The camcorder is mounted in a bottle-cage on the frame, the cable from the bulletcam running down inside the seat webbing. This position enables me to start and stop recording on the move: recording short clips is much easier than searching through a continuous recording!

My total mileage for the night was 87 miles, including riding to the start and a rather indirect route back to Liverpool Street due to road closures for, ironically, a charity run. The video is just under five minutes long: